Posted By: R3dD0g 
Nov 22  # 1 of 8
What type of cookie sheet do I need to buy so that it doesn't warp in the oven?
How do I keep the cookie sheets I have (grey & fairly heavy) from warping and dumping my pie filling?

 Posted By: spiceplace 
Dec 13  # 2 of 8
You should buy heavier cookie sheets. The thin sheets from the grocery store will always twist when heated. There isn't much you can do about it except find a better cookie sheet. I have one of those thin baking sheets and only use it to toast breads, and make garlic bread. Look for better quality cookie sheets are Target or look at this commercial cookie sheet we offer at Spice Place. We cook with the commercial baking sheet all of the time and it has never warped.

 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Dec 14  # 3 of 8
Matt is right! The heavier cookie sheets are the best. I have also used my pizza pans as cookie sheets - they are nice and thick.
 Posted By: medako 
Dec 14  # 4 of 8
I use my pizza pans too. They just seem to make better cookies and hold their shape.
 Posted By: peacherina 
Dec 14  # 5 of 8
I just bought some new cookie sheets maybe like 2 months ago. They are the baker secret brand from walmart. I have used the pizza pans too for the same reason as stated above.