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Jul 12  # 1 of 24
Went into a fancy knick-knack shop this afternoon to help my sister look for pieces of a discontinued china pattern she likes... at the counter I saw a cute sign that read: "Unattended Children Will Be Given an Espresso and a Free Puppy."
 Posted By: StickyPirate 
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Oh, that rocks. Can I quote it?
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
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Absolutely, SP- Ha!
 Posted By: KYHeirloomer 
Jul 13  # 4 of 24
I love signs like that; ones that get the message across in a sly way.

Y'all ever been in a campground, and see all those "no smoking" signs bolted to the doors of motorhomes? I mean, come on! Who's going inside unless invited, and you can tell them individually that there's no smoking in your unit.

So, after mumbling about that in campgrounds across the country I find, at Wall Drug, a gread sign that sat right on my dashboard. Visible from any direction it said:

"Thank you for holding your breath while I smoke!"

Another one I always liked was the poster with the black cat and white rat. The cat has its paw around the rat in a friendly manner. They're obviously buds. The legend on the poster: The rat race is over. The rats won.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
Jul 13  # 5 of 24
I just can't help but jump in on this sign "thingie": I live in the deep south and it never fails to amuse me how there are NO TRESPASSING signs hanging in front of home places where these really trashy dumpy looking yards are. The yards usually sport 3 to 5 or more old rusted-out cars and several piles of trash in various sections of the yard and where even grass will not dare to grow and there in that yard bold as day a huge "NO TRESPASSING" sign or several are hung!

Don't these people who live there realize that their yard is the very last place on earth I want to step!!!