Posted By: deelip 
Sep 5  # 11 of 15
hmm intresting.
I never knew it .
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
Dec 20  # 12 of 15
I grew up on a farm myself and all I can say is carrying a peck of potatoes was a whole lot easier than carrying a bushel of them as a kid. I see the 4 to a bushel was answered years ago, lol. As far as picking straw berries go though, I couldn't even fill a pint container with them cause they all ended up in my mouth.
Mama, how come I never got any pecks, just the pinches?
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Dec 20  # 13 of 15
Being blonde - I got pinches - and the automatic reflex threw a mean right to the pincher! LOL
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
Dec 21  # 14 of 15
Ah, being blonde must be the reason. Throwing punches wasn't an option for me though. I woulda had more than just red cheeks. I would have just preferred the pecks.
 Posted By: Johnny West 
Dec 17  # 15 of 15
A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

T-Boys has pecks of apples but they won't let
you keep the peck basket. Darn...