Posted By: Johnny West 
Dec 18  # 1 of 5
I spatchcock chickens for the grill.
Unfortunately I can't seem to post
pics here or I'd show you.

I'll take a pair of game shears and
trim up the fat, (save the fat for
frying), then cut down the back
bone and splay the bird out as flat
as you can get it and place it on the centre
of the grill. I have the charcoal and wood
on the sides so the bird is not directly
over the coals. It never has to be turned.

I also spatchcock fish for the smoker/grill.
A smoked carp done this way is wonderful
tavern fare with a pitcher of cold beer.
 Posted By: ChileFarmer 
Dec 18  # 2 of 5
great way to smoke or grill birds. I do it quite often with chicken and Cornish hens. Nice even cook with crispy skin. CF:)
 Posted By: jpshaw 
Mar 15  # 3 of 5
I do that with chickens. Except I cut down both sides of the backbone and remove it. Just never knew I was spatchcocking. I probably would have thought spatchcocking was something illegal.
 Posted By: ChileFarmer 
Mar 15  # 4 of 5
JP, I may do some game hens today, thanks for reminding me. I leave the backbone, because I am frugal. My wife says I am cheap. I tell her I may be cheap but not free. CF:D
 Posted By: jpshaw 
Mar 15  # 5 of 5
I just save the backbone for making chicken stock.