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I'm wondering how I can put objects such as rings, coins, and rags into a normal buttermilk cake without screwing it up. (i'm only proabbly going to put a few.)

What if the rings metal reacts or something? What sort of things are safe to put in a cake without ruining the object of the cake

I've read from a bunch of sites that you shoul wrap the ring with wax paper. Is this a good solution?

In case you're wondering, i'm trying to make my own 'american' halloween barmbrack, except I'm using normal buttermilk cake instead of the fruit bread

 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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I tried to make a cake with a ring baked in it - never again. A cake baked with any object automatically picks up a horrid flavor from the object.

I found it easier to bake the cake, and let it cool, wrap the object in plastic wrap and cut a small slit (using a thin knife) in the side of the cake and insert the object(s).

If inserting several into a layer cake and you want to know where they are for serving purposes, bake layers; spread filling or frosting on bottom layer set wrapped objects evenly placed and then top with top layer. Frost and decorate as usual. Those objects were wrapped in colored cello and tied with ribbons - don't wrap too tight and allow enough room between the ribbon and the object that is wrapped so that the object is still hidden in the cake and there is enough cello wrap to allow for frosting the sides of the cake. Leave enough cello after tying to create a little "fluff" or "ruffle" that adds to the decorations on the side of the cake. This way everyone can see where they are.

We would make chocolate suckers and wrap the chocolate in plastic and tie; place around the filling evenly on the bottom layer before placing the top layer on it. When the cake was presented you saw the sucker sticks coming out of the sides with a bit of plastic and the ribbons used to seal the plastic. Kids liked that a lot.

But I will never bake a cake with an object in it again!
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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Oh - regarding coins - the only coins I would ever do that with are the chocolate coins you buy in the store. I wouldn't even wrap a coin and stick it in anything to be eaten!
 Posted By: Twinmama 
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Wouldnt' the chocolate coins melt?

Hmm. well, they put little plastic babies in King Cakes down in New Orleans, but the king cakes are more of a coffee cake kind of cake than a buttermilk cake. From what I understand, they just sort of tuck the plastic babies in the dough.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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I use chocolate coins after the cake is baked and cooled.