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I went to a cafe the other week for some luch with some friends.

I orders a scrambled egg with a bagel.

When the egg came it was the best I have ever tasted - so soft an creamy.

I asked the chef and she said they added cream to the egg????

I sometimes add milk but never get it that soft.

How long should you cook a scrambled egg for - is adding cream good or can you get the egg just as soft and fluffy with just milk or just egg.

Please help - I must try to replicate this egg
 Posted By: shipscook 
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I add tiny bit of water, any liquid will add steam which makes eggs fluffier, softer. I like to use a heat resistant silicone spatula to keep them moving in the pan.
Plate when they look a tiny bit underdone, they hold heat and will cook more.

Read once the best scrambled eggs come from room service in nice hotels. They undercook them and then under metal plate cover they finish to perfection.

Happy Holidays,
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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For creamy eggs, remove from heat source while still very moist - the internal heat of the eggs will complete the cooking process. Eggs that become too dry indicate that they have been overcooked.

Half-n-half can be used and you can also add a bit of cubed cream cheese - whirl in a blend to combine (until very frothy); heat your butter in your pan, coook your eggs just until very moist.

Hope this helps.
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
Dec 18  # 4 of 9
Great ideas... another hint too- cook scrambled eggs over the lowest heat setting possible. The longer it takes to turn your eggs somewhat solid- the creamier they'll be. I love them the texture and consistency of soft butter...
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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Oh how different we all are I abhor soft scrambled eggs, I like mine dry! I also like them in a warm tortilla with salsa, cheese, and bacon!!!:) Yummy yummy eggs!!!! Quiche, egg custard, deviled eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs, over-easy, and HARD SCRAMBLED:D Also used to love to egg my enemies houses as a prank when I was a teenager:rolleyes: But I only did it once after I thought the owner would skin me alive:eek: Not to mention my own dear sweet mother who would've KILLED me for wasting food like that!!!