Posted By: bjmchomes 
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Does anyone know how to take more sodium out of the low-sodium soups that are on the market? Or does anyone know how to make low-sodium soups that do not require a lot preparation? Is it possible to remove excess salt from the prepared frozen meals that are on the market?
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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unfortunately - you cannot remove all that sodium in
foods - it would be so simple if we could -

your best bet is to begin cooking your own meals - if it's a time thing and you do not have time to cook each day - that quantity cooking on your days off would be a big help

that would be the only way to control your sodium intake

there are many salt-free seasonings out there and if you nedd I know we have recipes for some
 Posted By: sarahlorrain 
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Oh I wish there were a way!! The is way too much salt in prepared foods today. When preparing your own foods, though, using salt-free seasonings is a great idea! I personally love Mrs. Dash. you can't hardly tell there is no salt; they taste sooo good!
 Posted By: cinnamon 
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Make your meals yourself and don't use salt at all. Salt is in so many ingredients that you'll cook with that there is no need to add any salt to any food unless you're making something preserves like pickles.
 Posted By: bjmchomes 
Jan 16  # 5 of 7
Thanks for the replies! Is there anyone that have low sodium, low/no fat, low/no sugar recipes out there? Soups? Entrees? Desserts? Maybe a website that could help? Any ideas and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!