Posted By: oldbay 
Jun 10  # 1 of 21
Anyone have an preference on what charcoal they use? I like Kingsford, and occasionally use the Cowboy lump charcoal if I'm cooking something like a steak or burgers. I think the Kingsford matchlight never finishes vaporizing the lighter fluid. And the other brands of charcoal don't light as well or cook as well as Kingsford.

My 2 cents

 Posted By: tinker 
Jun 14  # 2 of 21
For me, any kind of rough charcoal will do. It brings out all the flavor. One downside to this is that they burn shorter than briquettes. But it depends on the type of cooking, really.
 Posted By: Bandaloop 
Jun 15  # 3 of 21
I use Kingsford mostly, but that's just because of name recognition. But you're right, it never seems to burn all the lighter fluid away. There's nothing quite like bitting down into a burger and tasting lighter fluid.
 Posted By: alice.b.toklas 
Jun 15  # 4 of 21
I disagree. Kingsford is superior to the bags of junk briquets loaded with coal. Kingsford is made from wood without fillers. The other brands mix in coal. They ain't the same.
 Posted By: DrPepper 
Jun 15  # 5 of 21
We have a gas grill. But it's so much easier to just light the grill and be ready to go. I'm not sure I'd go back to charcoal after using the gas grill.

My parents use charcoal and they won't buy anything but Kingsford. A friend of ours likes the lump Cowboy brand charcoal made from scrap wood. It burns faster and hotter then the Kingsford.