Posted By: GregGraves 
Jun 28  # 1 of 3
I just bought a dutch oven today at a local camping store and am going to make an eye of round roast in it tonight. I'm planning on acting like it's my wall oven, and add potatoes and carrots and celery with a little juice and pepper.

The hopes are low here at first. I'm hoping it's edible, and that by baking in the dutch the heat stays outside yet I use the oven. I'll update this post and report whether we ate the roast or last nights left overs :)

 Posted By: oldbay 
Jun 28  # 2 of 3
Greg -

You'll be surprised how well the dutch ovens work with so little effort. I was a little leary when I got one, but as long as it's not windy, it cooks easily. On windy days, it gets hotter so you need to use less charcoal.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jun 28  # 3 of 3
Greg - you'll love it and want to make more in it!

That is what you call GOOD OLD-FASHIONED COOKIN'!!!