Posted By: tapas 
Dec 17  # 1 of 5
When I was a teenager, my mother would often talk about her time in Colorado during 1970s, when she met people out in the country that BBQ'd and grilled all year round-- including the winter! In fact, especially in the winter. She said it was always fantastic. If there was ever any snow, someone would shovel a bit of it out to make room for the BBQ/grill pit.

This winter, I think I'd like to change things up a bit by doing a bit of outdoor cooking.

Anyone else do outdoor cooking in the winter?
 Posted By: ricksrealpitbbq 
Dec 17  # 2 of 5
Oh yeah, my kinda people. When I lived up north, I would pick the worst snow storms to go fire up the grill or smoker. My neighbors thought I was insane. I still cook outside all year long, I love it :D
 Posted By: jimgreen 
May 28  # 3 of 5
BBQ , my favorite
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
May 28  # 4 of 5
Yeah, I'm insane too. I'll grill when ever possible no matter what the weather.
 Posted By: Vittle Man 
Oct 14  # 5 of 5
Not grilling just because it's winter, that's crazy. I grill just as much in the winter as I do in the summer. I use the smoker even more in the winter because it's nice to stand around the fire box when it's cold out.