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Over the weekend me, my Mom and my Son went to the 37th annual Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs West Virginia. Here are some pictures from the parade and festival.

The town is also known as "Bath" and George Washington liked to vacation at their mineral springs.
Their cooking apple butter in huge copper kettles. One day I will get me one!
Guess who's apple butter is now award winning! It took home 3rd place! I beat out a bunch of little old ladies that have been making apple butter their whole lives. The boy scouts and a bunch of old fogies from the community center beat me though. Next year I will have to wait out front with a baseball bat. (Just kidding...I give it up to them! Theirs must have been fabulous!)

I did enter the baking contest too but didn't place. I was rather surprised about this. I thought for sure that I would place in the baking competition but thought that I had a snowball's chance in the apple butter competition. It ended up the other way around.

I didn't really like how they did the competitions though. You could enter as many things as you wanted in each category. This one woman won multiple times in each category because she probably entered 10 things in each category. Oh, well. Next year I will just enter in the categories that she didn't win this year. I do bet her stuff was really good though.
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Oct 14  # 2 of 5
Cool trip report, congrats on the 3rd place.
 Posted By: Annie's Dish 
Oct 14  # 3 of 5
Thank you!
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Oct 21  # 4 of 5
Congrats! I guess you have to do it better to beat that woman. :D
 Posted By: Annie's Dish 
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Yeah the only category in which she didn't win was cakes. I guess I will need to enter a spectacular cake! She must not be a cake person.