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I am a new boy scout leader. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas and tips to share on Pie Iron and Campfire cooking?
 Posted By: cinnamon 
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The only recipe I have for campfire cooking is pork chops and sauerkraut:

Take 2 layers of heavy duty wide aluminum foil, and place a layer of sauerkraut on top of the foil. Add pork chops, and then cover with more sauerkraut. Add about 1 cup water, then cover the pork chops with two layers of heavy duty wide aluminum foil, and seal tight. Place on the coals [not the fire itself -- but to the side of the fire] of a wood fire and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, turning the foil around every 20 minutes or so so the chops cook evenly. Add wood to the fire as needed. Serve with canned baked beans.

This is easiest to make when you have had a fire burning for an hour or so, and are cooking on the coalbed of the fire.
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That sounds awesome. I had never heard of that one before....
 Posted By: cookingmasterboi 
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Smores! Ha! How quintessential campfirey can you get?

Also, you should go check the loads of grilling recipes people've posted here since grilling's probably the easiest campfirey thing to cook next to smores. Unless you want to make charred smoked fish XD

But seriously, you can do everything on a campfire you can do on a stove. I even cooked stew and rice once when I was a boyscout myself!
 Posted By: magna 
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Making it into a stove simplifies cooking alot.