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This is just a little idea ive been mulling over, mostly a list of potent items with relitivly high shelf life that would add deversity for folks like me who enjoy the challenge of camp cooking. I welcome any thoughts or additions...also any good sources to buy some of these ingrediants as some are a bit obscure.

Salt is the most obvious, perhaps a solid block (maybe an ounce or more) I dont know my salts so cant say which kind would have the most concintrated flavor.

Fat is usually a problem for campers in that most of the best ones are a messy pain in the butt, vegitible shorting is temping but I've been thinking that Pure Cacao butter is more versitile and nourishing though obviously its relitivly tastless compaired to butter or Olive Oil. Still...Cacao butter lasts a long time before going rancid and also has the benifit of a high (98-100 deg) melting point and high burn temperature which might come in handy cooking with a campfire.

Fennel polin... A little goes a long way, retains its potency quite well and covers the basil\anise flavor spectrum nicely

Asafoetida resin... same as above...covers the garlic\onion spectrum

Saffron...ditto. I suppose one could say theres a Cumin\Paprika spectrum that Saffron could fit in to but lets face it...saffron tastes like saffron

Im open to suggestions on filling out this little, pack-and-forget spicerack, theme here. Whole black peppercorns, seem a shoe in. If i knew chili peppers better i'de want somthing relitivly small, dried with more flavor than heat

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hi Silphion- and welcome to Spice Place! I'm kevin! :)
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Thank you for the welcome Kevin :)
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Alot of spices do not keep for long if they are stored in a proper fashion, so you may want to keep the Spice Rack for your camping needs in the house until needed and then grab them and go when a trip pops up. I would even use them and replace them as needed from the pantry so they do not go stale.

My first instinct is to keep it simple. This is a camping trip and as such you should remember to try and travel light.

I would buy disposable salt & pepper shakers, and then several Spice Blends. And keep it at that. For me personally I'd buy Cavenders Greek Seasoning and Adobo Seasoned Salt w/ saffron. That would be all I'd need for a lovely weekend of outdoor cooking and camping!

By the way welcome to SpicePlace Forum Silphion~:)~
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TY for the welcome Cathy.

I agree with you, in fact, for shorter trips one can pretty much take small amounts of whatever they might want to cook with over the weekend. The idea was to have a small package for extended adventures which could be left as a flavor base for a year or two and changed out when nessicary...Ideally stuff that packs a punch (so it can be used sparingly) and keeps its potency for a long time.