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My husband is 2 weeks out today from heart surgery and I'm looking for help with the whole low sodium thing.

I never really appreciated just how much salt we used until I had to start limiting it.

Now I need to find ways of finding ways of adding flavor.
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
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Hi Corrine,

WELCOME! I myself don't know a lot of low-sodium cooking techniques or recipes... but I'll be curious along w/ you to see what others have to offer. We've got a talented, knowledgable group here- Spice Place is a great food resource!
 Posted By: shipscook 
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First place to start is try to avoid processed foods, read labels, start exploring herbs and spices you might not have used before. I find for a lot of people citrus is a major flavor enhancer. I love to use them all--lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit. Replace the salt shaker on the table with a few wedges of lemon or lime.
Careful with condiments, they can be brutal! Also start trying different vinegars-I add a splash of vinegar to almost all soups to finish them off.

I'm sure you have done some searches and have information on the DASH Diet, this site has a lot of info--
Low Salt Foods - Heart healthy diet guide to reduce sodium intake

This is my favorite website for all things concerning health. Note the links on the left--
Heart Smart Diet - Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

Recipezaar - Recipe index with thousands of free recipes --you can enter low sodium in the search here and will get lots of help.

Good Luck and Take Care,
 Posted By: jfain 
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I agree with Nan, I really think that acid (ie wine, citrus, vinegar) is the key for low salt cooking. It does the same thing that salt does. The reason we like salt on our food is because salt conveys flavors to the tongue. It is a conductor that allows us to taste the food better. Acid does the same thing. You may also find if you really ramp up the flavors of your food for example two cloves of garlic instead of one, twice the spices and maybe some chili pepper this will help. With time you also become used to eating your food with less salt. I find if I eat out at a restaurant there is so much salt in the food I have to drink a gallon of water afterward.

Good luck!