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I'm surprised that no one has posted in this forum yet! I'm not vegan, but we do have some vegan foods we really anjoy (hummus in toasted pitas and lasagna made with tofu and zucchini).
 Posted By: TexasRose 
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I'm not vegan, and in fact know little about it, but I'm interested in hearing from anyone that is. I can always use a little education. :)
 Posted By: zella 
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I am now a vegetarian and have been for the past umpteen years at one point I was vegan , so texasRose I bet your asking what the difference?? So here is a little Vegi education :)
there are actually different type of “Vegetarians” and “Vegetarian” is used as a umbrella term that is communally switch in with term “Vegan” but these are 2 completely different eating habits.

Vegetarian- general term for a person who does not eat meat, poultry, fish
Lacto Vegetarian- is a person who does not eat meat or milk, dairy, cheese products
Ova Vegetarian- is a person who does not eat meat or anything with egg, or egg products
Vegan- strictly no meat, no milk product, no egg products

Plus there are some who are called Micro eater which you many have heard of this term in the dieting world but this also falls under the Vegetarian these people only eat raw vegetables/vegan food that is never cooked over approximately 115 degrees, there a few that do eat meat product on this diet but most the people that I have talk to on this diet don’t because they never want to run the risk of all the things you can now get for not cooking food to the right temp which is normally higher then 155, just think of how many time you flip open the cook book or read the box and the first thing it say is” turn on over to 350”

I know there are people that don’t eat cow product, but still eat chicken and fish and call them self vegetarians …. Personally I don’t think it falls under any of these vegetarian categories
 Posted By: zella 
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I know the most common question I get asked beign a vegetarian is
" Do you get enough protein?"
Yes Soy is a great product and I am not just think tofu here
but now they make so many product with a soy base including the one they call meat (bacon bits)
even Soy beans by them self is great 'Edamame" steamed with a little salt in our house we eat this like we are eating popcorn
There are so many way that a vegetarian is cappable of getting the right nutritional intake, it is easier then you think.
With shopping store now making section with vegetarian friendly section to even Burger king at one point sold vegi-burger ( they were the worst kind) but I give them props for trying to accomidate the vegetarian
and there are many wonderful recipies that are great and delicious