Posted By: mtmomj 
Nov 20  # 1 of 39
Does anyone ever have breakfast foods for dinner?

It just entered my mind that never in my life have I ever had breakfast at home other than the typical breakfast hours. I have at restaurants in the late afternoons, but never at home.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Nov 20  # 2 of 39
of course! there's nothing wrong with that! and sometimes it's a nice change.
 Posted By: vp311 
Nov 20  # 3 of 39
I love to have breakfast for dinner! Sometimes I like to have fried chicken w/ waffles, which isn't really breakfast...but kinda is at the same time.
 Posted By: lcsamano 
Nov 21  # 4 of 39
Oh we love to have eggs and hash browns for dinner or even veggie omelets. This is a big win over with the kids as well. The kids love to have pancakes for dinner every know and then. The only problem is that they dont get their veggies in for the day but oh well. Every now and then it is a treat.
 Posted By: phoenyxstarr 
Nov 21  # 5 of 39
We occasionally have pancakes & eggs or sausage for dinner. Sometimes I'll even make biscuits & gravy for dinner... but only when everyone has been nice to me. :D I'm evil like that.