Posted By: ainjel 
Jun 22  # 6 of 29
I forgot about that site! I was shown it a while ago. I just need to bookmark it now. Thanks!
 Posted By: medako 
Nov 29  # 7 of 29
on the nights that hubby is gone for dinner and I'm left to fend for myself, I usually end up heating up some leftovers. Although, I have been known to have buttered noodles too, with a little salt...mmmm...

Sometimes I'll fix myself a grilled cheese, but generally it's something fast and easy. I don't like to "cook" for one, especially if that one is me.
 Posted By: peacherina 
Nov 29  # 8 of 29
Oh wow thanks for that site! That is going to be very helpful.
 Posted By: lcsamano 
Dec 1  # 9 of 29
Try adding some grilled chicken to the noodles. It is really good. If you don't want to cook chicken then keep on hand the oscar mayor (I think that is who makes it) pieces of grilled chicken. I know it can be found in the lunch meat isle.
 Posted By: mymom79 
Dec 13  # 10 of 29
have you cooked macaroni in chicken broth? yummy.