Posted By: jglass 
Feb 2  # 1 of 170
This morning I made some chocolate chip cookies. Around 3pm I fried up a chicken I had cut up and marinaded in buttermilk, hot sauce, garlic, salt and lots of pepper. Im making some potato wedges with roasted garlic dip to have with it and some salad. Will probably have leftover chicken with some buttermilk mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch tomorrow.
Im wierd but I love to drizzle a little garlic red wine vinegar over my fried chicken. Jon hates the smell of vinegar lol.
 Posted By: Mauve 
Feb 2  # 2 of 170
If it's not to late, can I come for dinner??? :)
Sounds delish. I was thinking about making some
fruit and nut cookies today, but never got around to it.
 Posted By: cookie 
Feb 2  # 3 of 170
Yum, chocolate my favorite thing I can't live without lol.... I was a LAZY girl today I had combination chop suey out with Mom. It was really Good. I'm really hating winter, I fell today almost hit my stupid head.. Oh well it's such a Monday. I think I will get a Crash helmet next. Cookie :)
 Posted By: kwinem 
Feb 2  # 4 of 170
Made Dijon Chicken breasts over rice, a Chef Salad, Broc & Caul with Parm cheese.
 Posted By: jfain 
Feb 3  # 5 of 170
Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate Ground Hog day! I love Ground Hog Day. It's like a promise that spring will happen sometime in the future, really it will if I can just hold on till then. I had a garden salad and risotto with Shrimp. Next month my crocus will be up and once that happens we are on a roll.