Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
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I have a friend who's restoring a little cottage back in the woods and she asked me out over my weekend off to assist her w/ pulling-up some carpeting and installing some doors. We had a great weekend together- I hadn't spent much time w/ her in a few years and since she just divorced, getting together and "reuniting" was good for us both.

Last night, after working hard pretty much all day long, we sat to a yummy crock pot meal of bbq smoked turkey legs and a microwaved Stouffer's "Grandma's Chicken & Rice Casserole".

Tonight on our way home we stopped at a tavern and had platters of all-u-can-eat smelt w/ tater salad, cole slaw & warm rolls. YUM!
 Posted By: jfain 
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Last night I made a cockpot beef roast. One of my favorite things to do with a beef roast is throw it in a crock pot with a couple Tbls of tomato paste, some garlic cloves, herbs, black pepper and then pour a bottle of red wine over it. When you are done the meat is so flavorful and the cooking liquid makes a wonderful sauce. I served thin slices with steamed potatoes to sop up the sauce and peas with caramelized onions and dill.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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That sounds wonderful Jfain!:)
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
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I just made a batch of pizza dough before I head out the door for work. It will be pizza for dinner. I'll have to stop on the way home for some pepperoni.
 Posted By: cookie 
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I made SLOPPY JO'S for tomorrow's nights dinner. I used ground chuck and chopped sweet red pepper and onion with a can of manwich. Cookie :)