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Not long ago I had no idea what to make for dinner so I just threw a bunch of stuff together in the oven. Now we all like this and I can even get my picky picky eater of a four year old to eat this. She of course prefers to dip it in ketchup.

Preheat your oven to 475.

Take an oven safe baking dish or sheet and cover it with tin foil.

Then I take 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and arrange them with some space in between. You can thaw them out, but I don't even thaw them entirely.

I sprinkle parmesan cheese all over the chicken breasts until they are mostly covered with very little pink showing through.

We have a large jar of pre-minced garlic and I spread a little bit of that across the top of each piece.

Generally it will bake for about 20-30 minutes. I *always* cut open each chicken breast at the thickest part to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.

You can even filet the breasts again so that they are not so thick. It goes great with some rather plain pasta like buttered noodles or plain couscous.

This is what I'm making for dinner tonight, ENJOY!
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Sounds like a winning recipe and will add it to my to do list.

The pre-minced garlic is great. Somehow is adds more garlic flavor than when I do it from fresh garlic. I don't quite understand that since fresh is fresh. Maybe it's because of the fine mincing that I can't do. For whatever reason, my taste buds prefer the prepared minced garlic and since I've tried the bottled minced garlic, I haven't bought a garlic bulb.
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I have to wonder if mincing it somehow produces the "juice" in the containers, or at best, adds more to the juice. Then maybe the juice remarinades the garlic pieces so to speak adding more flavor back in. I'm just hypothesizing though. : )

What's great about thsoe containers is you can even buy them at CostCo. We bought a giant container and just keep it in the fridge because we use a lot of garlic in our house. Definitely a money saver, too, rather than buying heads of garlic all the time.
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Oops, I have to confess, I didn't end up making this. No one else in the house thought it sounded good so tomorrow night it is. Instead we all ate separately. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a giant bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. Who says that being an adult means you can't eat like a five year old? :)
 Posted By: alice.b.toklas 
Jun 14  # 5 of 19
You're bad!! Cereal for dinner. That's cheating.