Posted By: BagCSC 
Jul 27  # 1 of 38
I have been in a situation MANY times in which ramen noodles were the only meal I could afford. Despite having to eat them frequently, I still like them. I have a few ways I like to fix them.

Sometimes I like to crack a raw egg into the boiling noodles and let it cook in there. Drain excess water and enjoy egg-drop ramen noodles.

Usually, I boil the noodles, drain all the water, then add the seasoning packet and toss in about a Tbsp of butter. Stir it all up....yum yum...give me some!

Anyone else like Ramen? If so, do you have any variations?
 Posted By: GregGraves 
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Yes, it's easy to soup up the ramen noodles.

First thought would be the broth. The packet in the noodles is loaded with MSG, which bothers some, but not most.

I prefer to use canned chicken, beef, or vegetable broth instead. Low sodium style if I can find it.

Next, the first vegetable that comes to mind is chopped scallion. Nice and green, adds color and taste.

Nice diced carrots, and/or bean sprouts. Sprouts are an acquired taste, and are added at serving time so they are still crunchy. Carrots should go in when you starting to cook, so they can soften.

Chopped celery comes to mind too.

As for protein. Chopped tofu, chopped chicken, or beef. The chicken or beef could be either luncheon meats, or raw, and if raw should be cooked in another pot of boiling water until done, and then chopped and added to the ramen noodles.

You don't need much of any of these to make a good meal so the cost is low.

Hope this helps.

My best thought is that for quick meals, a slice of lunch meat will go a long way with the ramen. I do that a lot.
 Posted By: Traciray 
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Sometimes I think my son is going to turn into a Ramen Noddle, he's almost two and somedays he has it for lunch and dinner.

He like just the noodles w/out the seasoning packet and then we add parmesan cheese, butter and a little garlic and the kid goes to town.

He calls them curly oodles
 Posted By: BagCSC 
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yeah, I have a 5 year old and she loves the noodles as well. Sometimes she like the seasoning and sometimes not. Hard to tell with her.
 Posted By: aeiou 
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I like to have the Ramen noodles as a quick lunch. I usually do not use the favor packet that comes with it, instead I use a can of broth chicken or beef whichever I have on hand. I love mushrooms and usually will add a small can of mushrooms to the broth and noodles. Make a great quick lunch....yum.