Posted By: shabs 
Aug 21  # 51 of 334
Last night we had mutton curry for dinner, with rotis. ( a kind of indian bread)
 Posted By: Worker Bee 
Aug 21  # 52 of 334
Quote Mrs. Chipotle wrote:
I found a great recipe in my new Cooking Light for shrimp fried rice. I may make that tonight.

Actually, this month's cooking light seems better than usual, so we'll probably be eating quite a few meals out of it.

Mrs. Chipotle! Could you share that if you have a moment? I love fried rice recipes, particularly with seafood. I used to subscribe to CL but let it lapse. Perhaps it's time to renew. Several of you have mentioned some great sounding recipes from the mag.


WB :)
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Aug 21  # 53 of 334
Tonight was simple but tasty: Sauteed shrimp with lemon pepper, wild rice, and fried zucchini.
 Posted By: clara 
Aug 21  # 54 of 334
Just had fried porkchop and fried chicken and rice. And some cucumber in vinegar and sugar and salt. And chocolate for dessert.
 Posted By: shabs 
Aug 22  # 55 of 334
Last night I had mutton arvi curruy. ( Arvi is an Indian vegetable)
So it was an mutton+veg curry.