Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 26  # 61 of 334
We had roasted chicken with dried apricots, dried plums, fennel, thyme, and shallots. It was very easy to make and very good - especially the fennel.
 Posted By: clara 
Aug 26  # 62 of 334
Rice and shrimp boiled in 7 up then fried in oil and ketchup with added salt. Doesn't sound so good when I describe it lol, but it is. Im not so good in describing.
 Posted By: PoorGirl 
Aug 26  # 63 of 334
We I had chinese from a buffet next to our house. It was really goo. They have a variety of seafood.
 Posted By: muslgrl 
Aug 27  # 64 of 334
BBQ lemon chckn with a green salad and fat free mango dressing
 Posted By: deelip 
Aug 27  # 65 of 334
We ate "quati" last night.
Quality is the food which is specially for a festival. But we eat that other time also.