Posted By: Kaabi 
Aug 28  # 71 of 334
I think this is a new answer, I didn't have anything for dinner last night. Also, the last time I had food was 7 hours ago. I'm hungry.
 Posted By: ButterSticks 
Aug 29  # 72 of 334
Sea Scallops, wrapped in Oscar Meyer Bacon, and dab of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sausce -- Brown Rice --Sugar Snaps. Yum
 Posted By: barbiedoll1973_tn 
Aug 29  # 73 of 334
We had left over chili from last night it was so good I think that it tasted better tonight than it did last night.
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 29  # 74 of 334
We're making a Rachael Ray recipe with romaine, kalamata olives, chicken, tomatoes, and pita bread.
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Aug 29  # 75 of 334
We had chex mix because we were delayed at the airport. Blech. If there's anything worse than airplane food it's airport food.

Tonight, linguine with meatballs. Much better.

(That's a cute avatar, Raquelita!)