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quiznos! yummy yummy!!
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Quote phoenyxstarr wrote:
We had Saucy Pork Medallions last night from Kraft Food and Family Magazine. Hubby isn't too fond of peas though, so I skipped them. And we had mashed potatoes instead of the stuffing... I was craving mashed potatoes for some reason, and then I only ate a couple bites of them. About an hour after dinner was done and cleaned up, I had a craving for Pop-Tarts, so I ate them. Then I ended up eating a grilled cheese sandwich a little while after that. I just couldn't decide what I wanted last night, I guess.

Humm Are you pregnant? That's the way I was when first pg with my boys. LOL. Forgive me, I'm not meaning to be rude.
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Your not being rude... just about everyone who's been here awhile knows I am pregnant. I'm about 6 months, and due on Christmas.

We had BBQ chicken thighs, green beans for my husband and peas&carrots for the girls, and cheesy biscuits. I was originally going to make the Cheddar Dinner Scones from Mama Mangia, but I was running a little behind so I just made them into drop biscuits instead. They came out pretty good.
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Last night we had tacos and that is what we are having tonight as well. leftovers
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Quote barbiedoll1973_tn wrote:
I had to do my merchandising jobs so I got home late and fixed us frozen pizzas they were not the best ones that I have ever eaten.

We were going to make chili tonight but decided to make frozen pizza since it's so easy. We keep them around for emergencies, and just got too busy to make chili. It's cold out though, and chili would have been nice. Maybe tomorrow.