Posted By: Twinmama 
Sep 13  # 121 of 334
Last night we had faux chicken pot pie (no pie crust, but topped with biscuits).
 Posted By: rt49andellis 
Sep 14  # 122 of 334
Last night hubby cooked. He cooked some steak on the griddle & made some guacamole.... Then heated some corn tortillas in some grease.. stuck it together and boy was it...... gross..... LOL Must be the fact that I hate corn tortillas.
 Posted By: barbiedoll1973_tn 
Sep 14  # 123 of 334
Last night we had left over tacos.
 Posted By: mtmomj 
Sep 14  # 124 of 334
We had BBQ chicken from a local BBQ place. :D Love BBQ!!
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Sep 16  # 125 of 334
I made cherry-glazed pork and cooked carrots with dried apricots and almonds earlier this week b/c someone from my Bible study had a baby and i made her a meal (and doubled the recipe so we had a meal here too :)).