Posted By: shabs 
Sep 17  # 126 of 334
Last night we had homemade mutton burgers.
 Posted By: Kay1018 
Sep 17  # 127 of 334
Alfredo and garlic Rolls with Ranch salad!
 Posted By: phoenyxstarr 
Sep 17  # 128 of 334
We had a mix of breakfasts for dinner... I made pancakes, fried eggs, and chocolate Malt-o-Meal. They all ate like they were starving to death. Silly people...
 Posted By: TexasRose 
Sep 17  # 129 of 334
We grilled steaks and also had twice baked potatoes. Mmmm...

I wanted to grill again today but it is raining.
 Posted By: honeypsweet 
Sep 21  # 130 of 334
Left over leg of lamb and roasted potatoes
on fried pita bread with garden fresh tomatoes and Walla Walla onions.