Posted By: alice.b.toklas 
Jul 15  # 11 of 334
We had turkey chili over whole wheat noodles along with a little Cheddar Cheese and fresh chopped onion. Had a salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. The cukes are really starting to look good at the grocery store, so it's time to enjoy them. Fresh tasty tomatoes should be right around the corner.

Got some local corn at the store this morning for corn on the cob tonight. Might grill it in the husks or steam it. Depends on if we light the grill for the main course or not. That part I haven't figured out yet.
 Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Jul 15  # 12 of 334
Ooh, I love corn on the grill. That would be delicious!

Actually I love grilled veggies in general in the summertime. They taste so much better that way. Not sure what it is, but I much prefer to cook my veggies on the grill.
 Posted By: Zeppy 
Jul 16  # 13 of 334
I had filet medallions with asparagus and baked potato (grilled then baked). I am what you would call a steak and potato kind of guy, but my time doesn't really allow me to indulge that appetite. I would have a New York Strip, potatoes of some sort and asparagus / squash / zuccini at least twice a week if i could. Best meal a man can have.
 Posted By: Traciray 
Jul 24  # 14 of 334
Veggie Burritos w/zucchini, squash, green, red, yellow pepper, onion, monterey jack cheese and chips and salsa from our local Mexican restaurant.
 Posted By: Upennmama 
Jul 24  # 15 of 334
We had chili with beans and corn in it over cornbread. Not summer food, but I am doing a pantry challenge, and it was good.