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On the drive home from Oregon we stopped at Red Lobster and had a late late lunch. Skipped dinner.
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We had Tri-Tip sandwiches and salad.

Sliced the meat very thin and mixed with some grilled onions and bell peppers. It was like fajitas on a roll.

I really wanted to add a chipotle mayonaise but my chipotle dipping sauce I made last week was making me a bit nervouse so I dumped it.
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last night was
home grown acorn squash
chicken roasted with salt pepper paprika mushrooms and parm cheese
and Greek Salad.
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Quote PHILSFAULT wrote:

Today I did my second test for a tequilla citrus marinaded sirloin. I've been playing with ingredients and I'm liking it so far. I think I'll add some honey next time and use it for chicken.

>Grilled Sirloin with a tequilla citrus marinade...then topped with sauteed mushrooms and gorganzolla
>Saute' Zuchinni, summer squash mix
>Mashed potatoes

Wow Philsfault, that sounds like an interesting recipe. Care to share the details?
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We had sloppy joes tonight, made with lean ground beef and Manwich. I always start with cooking fresh chopped onion, and add a can of sliced mushrooms near the end of cooking. We had them on toasted whole wheat burger buns, topped with sliced Provolone cheese. As a side dish we had buttered steamed brocolli. This is a great easy meal for the weeknight, and works well with lean ground chicken or turkey too.