Posted By: ButtrflyDreams 
Oct 17  # 176 of 334
I made potato soup. It had potatoes(obviously), macaroni, bacon, & sausage. It was really good. :)
Quote wrote:
We had tilapia baked in foil with mushrooms and artichoke hearts. It wasn't all that. I don't often make fish that I actually like, but I try.
You sound like me. I don't really like fish, but I try occasionally.
 Posted By: DrPepper 
Oct 17  # 177 of 334
We had a different sorta spaghetti. Spaghetti meat sauce with shells instead of spaghetti noodles. And garlic bread, of course. Quite good.
 Posted By: marymoomoo 
Oct 20  # 178 of 334
We had cheddar stuffed brats, mixed beans, and potatoes.

Tonight, maybe pasta. I'm in the mood for a good baked ziti. ;)
 Posted By: Twinmama 
Oct 21  # 179 of 334
chili and cornbread. You can never have enough cornbread, though. mmmm...
 Posted By: Twinmama 
Nov 1  # 180 of 334
I tried a Rachael Ray 30-minute recipe last night and it was a HUGE HIT. Mini Meatballs with Broken Spaghetti. Husband said to add it to the "make again" list.