Posted By: medako 
Dec 26  # 226 of 334
We had chicken quesadillas again tonight, but I picked up some pepper jack cheese instead of colby jack, yummy stuff!
 Posted By: peacherina 
Dec 27  # 227 of 334
I had fried chicken, and shells and cheese. We also had sweet tea.
 Posted By: Bipsorama 
Dec 27  # 228 of 334
Last night we made some pizza and some hot chicken wings.
They went well together:D
 Posted By: ButtrflyDreams 
Dec 27  # 229 of 334
Oooh! I haven't had pizza in a while. That sounds really good right now. :)
 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Dec 27  # 230 of 334
We had sort of an interesting "Christmas" dinner with the in laws.

Chicken strips (Paula Deen recipe; I would have used buttermilk or mustard rather than butter to coat the chicken)

Green bean casserole

Ham and cheese tartlets