Posted By: phoenyxstarr 
Dec 28  # 231 of 334
My in-laws are visiting us because of the new baby & they took us out for dinner last night. My MIL says I shouldn't be up cleaning house or cooking or any of the other housewife stuff, but if I don't do it who will???
 Posted By: medako 
Dec 29  # 232 of 334
I think moms like to think that their sons will pick up the slack....and well, that's just not always the truth. :p
 Posted By: pinkperson 
Dec 30  # 233 of 334
Last night, we had grilled tuna for dinner. My family likes it just as it is. No sauce, no seasonings, no spices. But I tried putting lots of garlic with it. Garlic really tastes good! It makes wonders too.
 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Dec 30  # 234 of 334
Tonight we're having smoked chicken/corn chowder. YUM.
 Posted By: pohto9 
Jan 2  # 235 of 334
We had pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn, greens, and black eyed peas. We only had the greens and black eyed peas for new years though.