Posted By: medako 
Jun 16  # 306 of 334
I think I might make ziti tonight. It's quick and makes for lots of leftovers.
 Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Jun 16  # 307 of 334
Oh, I love ziti, and it freezes great. Usually when I do a ziti bake I freeze the leftovers and then we eat them again in a few weeks.

Tonight we're gathering with friends for fajitas. Last night we just went to Chili's and I had the guiltless chicken sandwich.
 Posted By: oldbay 
Jun 28  # 308 of 334
I'm ashamed to admit it but we broke down and ate carry-out pizza. We're not really pizza people, but sometimes when time is short it does fit the need. And it always tastes good ... just has lots of fat which we try to avoid. But on occasion, I suppose it's ok.
 Posted By: Semigourmet 
Jun 29  # 309 of 334
We had homemade stew made with leftover pot roast. put just about everything in it. Almost put the dang kitchen sink in it! LOL! It was good (FILLING)
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jul 13  # 310 of 334
last night was homemade meatsauce, buccatini, green salad and Italian bread - what else would ou expect from an Italian home?? LOL