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Quote Cook Chatty Cathy wrote:
Mexican Chicken Stew m-m-m-m how'd it turn out?

I may get a copy of the cookbook you mentioned. I wish I could guide my family into lowering their salt intake. I do love it, but it should be used in moderation even for us that do not require a restricted amount. Maybe just maybe if I could prepare recipes from a cookbook that use a nice combo of ingredients to flavor food so that you do not need any or at least as much, then maybe they would not notice.

It was pretty good. I might have preferred something else to the 2 cups of zucchini. Or at least sub carrot or something for 1 cup. But I wanted to try it as written since I had never had zucchini before. I actually had some more for Sunday lunch and there is still enough for tonight. It is a recipe I will keep in an altered form.

BTW I still like Dick Logues book better then the other low sodium recipe books I have. Gazzaniga's book "The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook" is good but more to the extreme. He wants you under 500 mg a day, not the 1200 or 1500 most people strive for.
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It is Sunday supper today so I am making my buttermilk fried chicken, yeast rolls, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and spice cake.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
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White wine chicken soup loaded vegetables, ricotta gnocchi and crusty bread for dipping on tap for tomorrow. I just made the gnocchi and the chicken is roasting now. I already have some homemade broth. It was 60 here today and yesterday but tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rain. A soup day for certain.
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That chicken looks awesome drool5.gif
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Stuffed Pablano Peppers, Yellow Rice, and Pinto Beans

These Peppers are stuffed with Jack Cheese, diced cook potato, and a seasoned browned ground beef. Then the cap is placed back on top held together with toothpicks dipped in egg wash and flour 2 times then deep fried. I pour a small amount of Enchilada sauce on mine when I plate them.