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In the picture (which i can't show you because it doesn't let me add the link in the post, if you got free time you can find it on my web) i prepared a dish with tomatoes and mascarpone, and as well some aged goat cheese with some chestnut honey. I will not give you the recipes of the goat cheese and the chestnut honey because i bought them, but i'll share the 2 recipes for preparing the tomatoes conf and the flavored mascarpone.

Pomodori (tomatoes) conf

Extravergin Olive Oil

if you use small tomatoes like pachino or ciliegini cut them in half, if you use bigger one slice them in half centimeter slices
put them on a baking pan.
put on each single piece a bit of sugar, a bit of salt, a very tiny slice of garlic and a bit of extravirgin olive oil.

put them in the oven at 80 C for about 4 hours.

Buon Appetito!

Mascarpone and pasta d'acciughe (Mascarpone with Anchovies paste).

500g mascarpone
1 tube of Anchovies paste. (60g)

put them in a bowl and mix them using a fork until the color is uniform. it's done!
just store it in the fridge until is time to serve it, Mascarpone tends to melt down quite easily.

Buon Appetito!
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I think once you have a certain amount of posts to your credit you can posts links in your threads.
These recipes sound lovely.
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thanks for the trust, and thanks for the info, i'll have to keep myself busy writing then
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I went to your site through your member page here.
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Yes, I visited your website, love the options to read it in French and Italian:) and I will try some of your recipes but your term "bit" is that like a "pinch"? And I really must brush up on my metric system!
I'm a traditonal "Low Country" southern cook, but my son loves Italian, so with your input of recipes maybe I will be able to make him more than pizza and spaghetti:)