Posted By: Mauve 
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During the Holidays I cooked a prime rib
roast which turned out great. Does anyone
else use a rub when cooking roast?
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
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I'm like you, Mauve... BEEF is one of my FAVS- especially Prime Rib!

I was a chef for 25+ years. Now I enjoy being a home-cook.

I no longer cook for a living, but my last few years in commercial kitchens were spent at remote site Alaskan work-camps serving the oil, commercial-fishing and mining industries.

At the remote sites camps in far-flung regions, Sunday Night was always Prime Rib Night-VERY popular w/ these big, burly, HUNGRY workers! Some camps were small and I roasted just two or three 12-15 lb. ribeye roasts... other camps had 250-300 workers and then we roasted 12-15!

My Prime Rib Rub was always simple- Kosher salt, black pepper, granulated garlic and a pinch of brown sugar to melt and caramelize and kind of help create a hard crust around the meat to seal in all the juicy goodness!

Mondays, our soup was always "Monday Beef-Barley", made from all the leftover scraps & tidbits of beef and au jus...
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
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I use rubs. I like them for slow grilling or roasting meats and poultry. If I grill ribs or pork or chicken I like to start with a rub and finish with a sauce.
A few years ago I had what they called a Cowboy Steak at a Charlie Brown Steak House. I really enjoyed the Mesquite Rub that they had used so I had to make my own. It is a favorite to this day.
 Posted By: Mauve 
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Thank you for your replys. I'm taking notes. I'll have to add the brown sugar to my next rib roast.
 Posted By: jfain 
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I made a roast yesterday and used my favorite go to rub. A couple cloves of garlic chopped fine, 1-2 Tbls of chopped herbs (I like rosemary and Thyme), about a Tbls of cracked pepper, one of course salt and enough olive oil to make it into a paste. Then I rub it all over the roast. It makes a delicious flavorful crust.