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I love using my imagination and thinking of fun stuff to do. Anyone else got some ideas they would like to share?

One year I cooked only green foods for St. Patty's Day:
It was fun and my then 6 yr. old loved it.

Here's a small list of green foods:
Green Corn Chips
Green Beans
Green Hot Sauce
Green Lima Beans
Green Pasta
Bell Peppers
Jalapeno & Pablano peppers
Green Grapes
Kiwi slices
Honey Dew melon
Granny Smith Apples
Key Lime Pie
Mint Chocolate Chip & Pistachio Ice Cream
Lime Sherbert
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Well, I have to go grocery shopping today and I am going to pick up some brisket and try to "corn" it myself. I have a recipe that I am dying to try. Takes 16 days, so I have to get started tonight. It will be my test batch. I know, I know, corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional meal. But most of the traditional meals from Ireland are rather dull on the taste buds if you ask me, or they involve potatoes. Potatoes are nice and all, but at the St. Pattys day party I throw, it lasts for about 12 hours, and most of your potato dishes don't hold up that well to waiting around.

I braise my corned beef slowly in whiskey and beer. I usually make about 5-6 briskets. Here is the recipe:

Jeffs Recipes Beer & Irish Whiskey Braised Corned Beef

I am also making this Irish Baileys cheesecake:

Jeffs Recipes Irish Baileys Cheesecake With Strawberry Swirls

I usually try to make up some sort of Irish stew with lamb and a couple loaves of soda bread.
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Can you let us know how your "corning" of that brisket does? And if you think it is worth the effort?
Thanks, Cathy
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Actually we ate it Friday, it was DELICIOUS! I will go find the recipe in the magazine I saw it in an post it here in a few..
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Thanks for the info.