Posted By: jglass 
Feb 23  # 6 of 21
Jon loves Beef Stroganoff. I will def try the recipe.
Cookie your dish sounds so good. I love chili but it does not love me back lol.
I have wondered in the past when a recipe becomes your own. I get alot of my ideas from other recipes and then tweak them to our tastes. One I changed up alot to suit us is the white wine chicken soup recipe I found online. I took the original recipe and came up with one we really love.
 Posted By: mrsjimmyp 
Feb 23  # 7 of 21
I tweak a lot of recipes....sometimes they come out good and sometimes not !
My family likes Hamburger helper and I add things such as extra cheese, sour cream...onion, garlic tomatoes.
Same thing woth frozen pizza....I add extra cheese,onion,black olives.canadian bacon....pepperroni...things to spice it up so it doesn't taste so bland.
 Posted By: cookie 
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I like your pizza idea, adding more stuff, that sounds really Good! Cookie :)
 Posted By: jfain 
Feb 23  # 9 of 21
Last night I had a party and I asked them this question. What did they think was my signature dish. These are people who have eaten many, many meals at my house. Everyone said that my signature is that there will always be something different and they know it will always be good. I really cook with a lot of confidence often making 3 or 4 dishes for a party that I have never made before. Yesterday I made Pate du champagne for the first time and it was so good. There is only a little sliver left. I also made homemade ricotta for the first time and gluten free focaccia bread. The other dishes I made I have done before gluten free pizza, sage white bean dip, buckwheat brownies and polenta cornmeal cake with lemon curd. This was obviously a party with an Italian theme.
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
Feb 23  # 10 of 21
I would really like to see your Homemade Ricotta recipe if you get the chance to post it.