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Carol Fay Ellison of the Loveless Cafe passed away back in April I was just reading. I saw her on an episode of Paula Deen's show this past weekend. I had seen her before on a episode of Throw Down with Bobby Flay where he challenged her to a biscuit throwdown.
I was curious about how she passed because she looked so young. I was unable to find it anywhere. It all says the family and the place she worked don't want to release the cause of death. I found her so enjoyable to watch. She had such a cute personality and I loved her accent. You could tell she put a lot of love into the things she cooked.

It said she had been sick in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks before she died. I wonder what on Earth took her life at such a young age. She was the life of the Loveless Cafe. I cannot imagine why there is such an effort to keep her illness a secret.
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maybe they haven't found the reason yet - my friend passed 4/3 and the medical examiner still hasn't found a reason! and they cannot collect on her life insurance until they do!
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How sad... In this day & age w/ "Bones", "Law & Order" and all the various "CSI" programs we've grown used to them being able to determine who the victim is and how they lived and died in 45 minutes plus commercials- all from a fingernail clipping or a used kleenex! In actuality I think determining cause of death can actually be very challenging for the knowledgable professionals. Very sad Janie- and mama...
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I just thought where they said she was in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks before she passed they would have figured out what it was by then. All of the reports said her family and her employer declined to comment on her illness ... not that it was unknown.
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I just learned of Carol Fay's death yesterday while watching Giada on Food Network. For a quick moment, a popup said "In memory of our dear friend Carol Fay."

What a bubbly personality and what commitment to her craft she displayed.

Like other posters, I harbor no morbid sense of curiosity....I just know that she was young and I'd like to know what disease could take a person her age.

I pray for her family.