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Quote oldbay wrote:
You can also find Lodge Logic at Wal*Mart, in the camping section of all places. There is a wider selection the Lodge website, . I ordered a 12" Cast Iron Frying Pan and a burger press (a flat chunk of iron with a handle) from them in June and received it very quickly. I need to get a lid from them. They also sell a bunch of stuff for dutch ovens including a cooking table similar to the one C Dubb Butch Welch uses on his 'Dutch Oven and Camp Cooking' show.

I ordered the 12'', the smaller of their dutch ovens, a grill pan, and a griddle on one side, grill on the other pan..

Can't say enough about them.. The prices are more than reasonable..
 Posted By: spiceplace 
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After looking at the Lodge website, I have to think that they are one of a few cookware manufacturers that have kept production in the US (I I personally know of no others) and not sent it somewhere else. That alone makes me want to buy something! I'm going to have to give them some business.

 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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Matt - I agree with you on that one!!! I try very hard to purchase American made products and of course it is getting harder and harder!!!

Even top names are no longer producing here and you think they are because of the name!
 Posted By: GregGraves 
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Can't blame China. It's world's firms moving all of their manufacturing experience there. The US and EU are providing the expertise to China. I bought a Henckel's knife a few months ago. They used to be a quality German made knife. Now they're a lower quality German Branded made in China knife. By lower quality, I mean the handle is plastic instead of wood. The blade itself is quality or so it seems.
 Posted By: Johnny West 
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Watch the garage sales and antique stores for cast iron - I picked up a heavy no-name skillet for fifty cents at a garage sale; lady said it belonged to her grandmother and it was too heavy for her to use. I have close to 20 pieces of Griswold and Wagner and love that old heavy skillet best.