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I typically don't have anything on the table except for a candle, but it does get cluttered up with mail, kids coloring books, etc.
 Posted By: tcinsa 
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All I keep on the dining table is a huge glass bowl that is usually filled with some kind of fruit so the kids to grab as a snack during the day. But I do have the problem of family walking by and setting things on the table, which they "forget" to put away. And lots of activity takes place on the table like card games, art projects etc. so sometimes the accumulation of clutter gets out of hand. It's very annoying but I'm relieved to see ya'll have the same problem, too.

I have a big stainless steel work table in the middle of my kitchen that I use for most of my food prep. People also gather round it and visit or have a snack or whatever. But the rule is that it stays clear and clean - if you eat there, clean up immediately so I always have a clear space to cook. My family is very good about this. I wish I could figure out why because maybe I could use it to make them clean up the rest of their messes!
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Quote TexasRose wrote:
My husband is always complaining about the mail and stuff on our table. I try to keep it uncluttered because I know it bothers him, but sometimes stuff just has to have a place to sit for awhile!

Our formal dining table has just a centerpiece and we don't use it a lot, so nothing much gets put on it.

Exactly on both accounts; with the mail clutter. :mad:
I can get into real trouble if I throw anything away
without her blessing.

If I don't clean the kitchen it becomes a pit.