Posted By: ButterSticks 
Aug 29  # 1 of 25
I don't have many, but those I have I use a lot!

I have a

bread maker - I don't use it as much as I used to because of my diabetes

rice cooker - this is a MUST at my house now!

2 food processors (a regular one and a mini one) I used the mini one more now that I'm alone.

tools to make veggies & fruits look fancy (the kids use them more than I do)

indoor grill thingie (I use this a lot)

What do you have and do you use them?
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 29  # 2 of 25
Genuine stone mortar & pestle - it looks soooooo cool but we use it rarely

Vegetable steamer

Serving dishes (i have really nice Nambe and fine china serving dishes that i haven't used once since i got married).
 Posted By: DrPepper 
Aug 30  # 3 of 25
I have a Sunbeam chicken rotisserie that makes a nice tasting chicken. It's different from what you think of as rotisserie as the chicken sits verticle instead of horizontal.
 Posted By: aeiou 
Aug 30  # 4 of 25
I have my Mom's electric ice cream maker and have only used it twice. It makes great ice cream. It seems that when I think about making ice cream I never have all the ingredients necessary and when I am at the grocery store I don't think about making ice cream so I don't get the items I need to make ice cream. One of the times that I made ice cream I made cherry vanilla ice cream. I even used Bing cherries that I pitted. It tasted great. I really must get it out and make some ice cream....perhaps this labor day weekend.
 Posted By: deelip 
Aug 31  # 5 of 25
We have a rice cooker, oven and fridge.
I think thats fancy.