Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 31  # 6 of 25
I would like a smoothie maker as a 'fancy gadget' but i don't know where i'd have room for it.
 Posted By: simcooks 
Nov 14  # 7 of 25
I have a pressure cooker, but I hardly used it now. That's a fancy white elephant.

Bought a small George Foreman Indoor Grill recently and used that quite a bit to warm up my bread (I prefer this to using the toaster or oven cos I can then spread the peanut butter and jam first before grilling!)

Rice cooker to me is a need, rather than a fancy item since I eat a lot of rice.

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 Posted By: oldbay 
Nov 14  # 8 of 25
I had a Foreman Grill once, but thought it was too hard to clean. If I could have removed the grilling plates and put them in the sink or dishwasher I would have kept it.

I'm pretty basic, so my fanciest cooking gadget would be a T-Fal deep fryer. We don't use it too much, but I love onion rings made with Vidalia onions. It's a sin, I know, but there isn't much like fresh made Vidalia Onion Rings.

I'd love to get one of those Kitchen-Aid mixers with the dough hook, and meat grinder but resist it since I can knead by hand and get good ground meat locally.

What I'd really love to have would be a small steam kettle, like the cooked with when I was in the service. They're remarkably versitile cooking kettles.
 Posted By: lcsamano 
Nov 17  # 9 of 25
I have a bread maker which i don't use. I also have a expresso maker which my husband uses occasionally. I love my crockpots that I have. those are the only fancy gadgets that I have.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Nov 17  # 10 of 25
I have tooooooooo many! Just because I am a kitchen nut everyone buys me something with a plug on it! And some of the same ones in different sizes; even duplicates. The gift-givers mean well - and I will try a new gizmo at least once. If I like it - I use it much more than that.

Please - I don't need a sixth crockpot, or a another chopper/grinder/slicer, or another food processor. Those little processors are nice for many things - but 4 is more than I could ever use, and I still have the big one!

I don't have a bread machine - I put the word out immediately when they first came out - buy me one of those and I stop making homemade bread!

It's a shame when a new appliance comes out I have to threaten everyone not to buy it! What do they think I am - the hostess of one of those infomercials on TV??

I actually get excited when I burn out an appliance!!! Of course - I don't do it on purpose. But when one bites the dust I just surrender it to the trash bag.