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Keziah, I loved camping during my years in Alaska.

I grew up in a tiny Illinois farm-town whose claim to fame was a fantastic campground, called the Kentuckiana. Kentuckiana Kampground and Opry in Hopedale, Illinois 309_449_3274

A boy named Tim was in my class at school and his parent owned/operated the campground. He had great tales of campers from all summer- but long 'bout Labor Day in September most of the campers would depart for the season. Always though were a couple of stragglers that would really push the limits and stay out into cold Fall weather in their flimsy tents. I remember one year a duo of campers remained at his family's campground until well after the season's first snow!
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I loved to get up really early in the mornings in the Brecon Beacons National Park and walk on dewy grass bare foot.
Then just sit there and look at the clouds down in the valley. Brew a cup of tea and just relax breathing in the cool air. See the rabbits hopping about, the lambs frolicking, ponies cantering about and me, taking in the green. I felt as if I was the only person on the planet. Ah Smashing.

Miles away from the noise, hustle and bustle and pressure of work. Not literally, it was only about 10 miles from the hospital but it could have been a million miles away.
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Camping was a blast. They actually had a grill set up over the fire pit. I made beer-battered burgers and dogs in a pan over that. Came out way better than I expected.
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I use one of those fold out iron cooking grills. I make a big fire and let it settle into coals and then you can use the grill just like a bbq grill except your cooking over the coals of a wood fire.

Our staple meal when my and my friends go camping is this:


Steak is cooked on top of the grill, the potatoes are cut in half, add butter, salt and pepper, than wrapped in foil and thrown into the coals.

The Chili and Corn cans are opened partially, and have the wrappers removed and then either put into coals or on top of the grill to heat up.

The one essential tool you need to cook this way is a pair of thick gloves. Leather work gloves or gardening gloves are good.

We will also do pork chops, BBQ ribs, etc. this way. Great meal....and you get FULL!