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Post the last movie you've watched, and your rating (out of 10).

A little bit of commentary would also be nice. :)

This'll be fun. :)
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Oh, I think I should've mentioned mine first.

Last night I watched the re-release of Blade Runner (Director's Cut). When I first watched it years ago, I didn't really understand why it is such a cult phenomenon and why it constantly made it to best-movie lists everywhere. It was slow-paced for an action movie (still is) and the story did not have much of an impact to me at all. But watching it now made me realize that it deals with a lot of profound themes so for me, that upped the notch a bit.

Rating: 7/10
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The last DVD I watched was and 1990's movie Falling Down starring Michael Douglas as a nutcase estranged husband. There's a lot of great scenes, but the two I love most are the Whammy Burger scene where he wants to order breakfast but it's 10:31 (and after 10:30) and they won't serve it to him because of 'policy'. Number two scene is with the missle launcher and little kid that tells him how to use it and he blows up the freeway project. "What's wrong with the road?". Heh!

Rating: 10/10
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I like older movies created before blowing things up became more important then acting. One of my favories is an old Tony Curtis movie The Rat Race. Besides the story line, the movie was made while the US freeways were being built and the film shows so nice scenes of a Greyhound Bus moving on almost virgin road. Nowadays, that section of freeway is probably a parking lot. If you remember those old Greyhound Vistacruiser buses, here is a chance to see them again.

As for the film,it's a great story line and you're sure to enjoy it .. should you be able to find it in the DVD store.

Here's the real link to The Rat Race. The other linked to Tony himself.
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The last DVD that I watched last night was Fire Below which is a Steven Segal flick. I really like Steven Segal and therefore watch many of his movies. He usually plays the part of the good guy in him movies. This particular movie was about a corporation that was trucking toxic waste to the Appalachia mountains and burying it below the mountain which contaminated the drinking water and air in the area. This was a movie unfortunately this type of irresponsible corporate behavior happens in real life.