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It's the milk solids in butter that cause it to brown and burn. Remove them and you've got clear, golden oil.

To clarify butter, melt it in a small saucepan over very low heat. Let stand, off the heat, until the white milk solids sink to the bottom of the melted butter.

Carefully pour off the liquid butter and strain through damp cheesecloth.

Store in refrigerator in a covered jar.
 Posted By: Raquelita 
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What sort of recipes call for clarified butter?
 Posted By: cooking4life 
Aug 29  # 3 of 5
In many Indian recipes, clarified butter is called ghee. A favorite recipe of my mother's is posted on her cooking website - check it out

It sounds funky, but its delicious, a vegetarian recipe.
 Posted By: Kaabi 
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And here I was not knowing how to clarify butter. However, I've never needed to use it, and I doubt I will need to use it in the future.
 Posted By: sammyh312 
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kaabi, u start using clarified butter and you will NEVER go back!!! You will keep it on hand fro m now on, I promise.