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Mar 10  # 1 of 1
salad oil 200 grams,
Youjia Chilli Sauce with Chilli Oil (broad bean pasta) 150 grams,
Youjia dry chili 100 grams,
Youjia pepper powder 25 grams,
Youjia ginger oil ,
bone broth 2 litre (bone, meat, chicken, fish, etc. Can be)

heat up salad oil , fry together the above spices with ginger oil, add bone broth boiling.

then put into beaf and vegetable to boil

it's totally simple(without any spice to fry), and original but it's hot, too hot to western people ,and lampblack heavy.

Also, you could find some mushroom flavor hot pot seasoning in the super market, it's delish and simple either.