Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jul 3  # 1 of 22
This is just my opinion on black pepper and Parmesan cheese.

I never bought ground black pepper - I prefer to grind and crack my own for cooking.

And I don't buy sawdust (that is what I call grated Parmesan cheese - like Kraft, for instance). Fresh grated cheeses give a much better flavor and you can mix two or more together for a wonderful flavor.

 Posted By: r8rpwr 
Jul 3  # 2 of 22
I could not agree with you more. Especially on the cheese.

The powdery stuff in the green can, is not cheese!

There was another thing that I'm particularly snooty about, but I just can't remember it right now. I'll come back and edit if it comes to me. I'm getting forgetful in my old age. ;)
 Posted By: ainjel 
Jul 3  # 3 of 22
I think all cheese tastes so much better freshly grated! We never used to do it and would buy some of the preshredded cheeses to save time for tacos, pizza, etc. To save a little bit of money we decided to shred it ourself for tacos one night, and also because we couldn't find extra sharp cheddar.

Well, now we're spoiled and no longer buy ANY cheese preshredded. : )
 Posted By: muffinman 
Jul 3  # 4 of 22
Extra sharp Cheddar cheese is my favorite cheese. Don't think I ever noticed the difference until one morning when making an omelet and didn't have a pouch of pre-shredded Cheddar cheese. Most of the time we get Kraft, but I buy Horizon Organic if the store carries it.

A little store near us sells a wonderful white extra sharp Cheddar cheese in chunks that they keep under glass near the counter. It's a nice different cheese.
 Posted By: peacherina 
Jul 3  # 5 of 22
White cheddare fresh grated cheese. Now that sounds good!! Well I've never grated my own cheese. But I think I will try it. I bet that would be good on tacos.