Posted By: Kaabi 
Aug 12  # 1 of 4
I was just wondering, what are some rare ingredients you like to use in your cooking? I've never seen anyone use anything unusual or exotic, except in a restaurant I went to a long time ago... but not from anyone I know. It doesn't matter, I usually don't like exotic ingredients anyways.
 Posted By: alice.b.toklas 
Aug 13  # 2 of 4
When I make Gumbo, I use a product called Gumbo File', which are dried green leaves of the Sasafrass tree that are ground into a fine powder. I'm not sure if that's really something rare, but it is hard for me to find.

I like to use some Saffron threads when making Basmati Rice. They're a few dollars for a few of them and are the ?stamens? from crocuses. You get this tiny 1 1/2" square cellophane package with 6 or 8 threads in it for about $4.00. They may the rice yellow and have a delicate taste. You can probably use a few of them to make Tandoori chicken red (instead of red food coloring that's often used). I've never made Tandoori chicken since it requires a special clay oven. I love to eat it out!
 Posted By: DevilsCharm 
Aug 13  # 3 of 4
Isn't there some kind of flower that is rare and is used in certain foods? I might be thinking about a flower that is used in certain medicines, but I'm pretty sure there is one for food too.
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 25  # 4 of 4
I have Fish sauce in my fridge that while not rare isn't super common. When I lived in Spain saffron was very inexpensive there, but it's very expensive (and thus more rare) here in the States.