Posted By: dougiezerts 
Oct 23  # 1 of 4
Do people still stomp barefooted on grapes, to get the juice out? Or is that done mainly just for demonstration/show purposes?
And have any of you ever done it? I haven't but I bet it's fun!:cool:
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Oct 23  # 2 of 4
Sorry Dougie - I come from a long line of wine makers - stomping is totally disgusting but gave everyone a good laugh on the I Love Lucy show - I'm glad our family doesn't believe in it!
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
Oct 24  # 3 of 4
Like mama- the only place I've actually "seen" this done is on 'I Love Lucy'...OH! And also in a sweet Keanu Reeves movie- 'A Walk in the Clouds'.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
Oct 24  # 4 of 4
They have a grape stomp here in N. GA at a winery, and it is fun for all!!! Done for fun! Loved that movie Kev!!!